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Raj Koner, Associate Dentist, Wolverhampton

After finishing my Dental VT training year, I knew that I needed a good Prosthetic Laboratory to support me as I began life as an Associate Dentist. A few of the other dentists at my new practice recommended Harry and his Team at Pinnacle to me and so I decided to give them a try. Since starting with Pinnacle, I haven't needed to look back!!!

Harry and his team have consistently delivered high quality, functional and aesthetic prosthetic appliances for me. My patients have been delighted with the results and often comment on how comfortable and aesthetically pleasing their new dentures are. Pinnacle also deliver their appliances punctually and I never have to worry about work arriving late.

Another major benefit of working with Harry is his attention to detail. He carefully finishes all of the dentures to an exceptionally high standard and I often find that they 'click' into place comfortably for the patient . However, the most remarkable feature of Pinnacle's Team is their determination to help the dentists they work with. Harry is always available on the phone or even with practice visits to help with complex denture cases- a conundrum that all dentists sometimes face! This Team approach is what really separates Pinnacle from the rest as they provide close support to ensure that each patient receives the best quality set of dentures available to them.

So whether it's Acrylic, Valpast or Cobalt- Chrome dentures you require, please give Harry and the team at Pinnacle a try and trust me, you will not be disappointed! 

Rizwana Arshad BDS MJDF 

I have used pinnacle laboratory for almost two years now and can easily say it is one

of the best removable prosthetic labs I have yet encountered.


From start to finish the lab provide an excellent service, with prompt pick ups and

delivery, they are always on hand if any clinical problems arise and on occasions have

attended clinics to assist with difficult cases.


The personal service provided by the lab creates an easy and friendly atmosphere,

allowing the technician and dentist relationship to be maximised. It is one of the few

labs that give personal advice to the dentist, on how to improve clinical work from a

labs perspective.


Every single one of my fits from pinnacle has shown excellent adaptation, retention

and stability. Even my patients have remarked on the quality of the dentures made by

this lab. Since using this lab I have rarely had to adjust my dentures at fit, saving a

large amount of clinical time as well as improving patient confidence.


The main reason I like working with pinnacle is because it takes team work to the

highest level, which ultimately leads to good patient care and satisfaction. It’s the

only lab that I trust to be able to make excellent dentures for patients that can be

difficult or who have high expectations.


The only lab that has not let me down, I would not even contemplate using a different



Adil Riaz

Dental Surgeon



I have worked with Harry and the team for one year now and they have been instrumental in my development as an dentist. The emphasis at Pinnacle is always on quality and this applies to every aspect of their business. From the administrative support to the technical expertise; from materials to customer service – every aspect of the laboratory delivers on quality, with no room for compromise.


When you work in partnership with a laboratory so focussed on quality, you are automatically inspired to try and produce the best dentistry you possibly can, and Harry is able to offer you all the technical support and the one to one personal service which you may need A good relationship with your technician is crucial in providing quality care for your patients, and Pinnacle are able to offer a very personal service where every job which passes through the lab is given their individual attention. 


Any relationship is built on communication and Harry puts a huge amount of effort into establishing a close working relationship with his clinicians and maintaining regular contact through practice visits, phone calls and personally attending to see my patients to achieve a gold standard result.


I have tried many a laboratories but the main reasons why I chose to work with Pinnacle – knowledge and experience, technical expertise, range of services, quality of work, flexibility and reliability.   What else could a dentist ask for?


Excellent cobalt chrome dentures


Keep up the amazing work!